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Last week during an interview with musician, Ryan Adams, the host of ‘Jones’s Jukebox’ Steve Jones, mentioned that the one person he would love to make an album with would be none other that Jethro Tull frontman, Ian Anderson.

“Me, Paul Cook, Glen Matlock, to do a record with Ian Anderson. I think that would be fantastic!” the ex-Sex Pistols guitarrist said on his radio show.

You can find the clip of the interview below:

We reached out to Ian Anderson, who is currently preparing for his upcoming 2017 to get a comment about this interesting collaboration:

Anderson: “Hey – even I would like to make a record with me. Problem is, I am always so busy on tour and locking myself up in a small room for weeks seems like a bad idea. But, when I bought the first sex pistols album back in 77 I often wondered what it would have been like to be in the studio with those guys with all the excitement and trepidation in entering the whacky world of showbiz. Because, in the hands of Malcolm McLaren, that’s what it was. Not traditional showbiz but showbiz nonetheless. Anyway – they definitely didn’t need a flute in their band! I did play flute with a thrash-punk band later. The Six And Violence. NYC manic crazy guys who took my fancy and they asked me to contribute to their album ‘Lettuce Prey’ with a track called Bursting Bladder. Check it out. Steve Jones – play this one!”

By the mid-to-late-’70s, prog had more or less faded into the underground. The golden age had ended, and besides Yes, Genesis, and ELP’s poppier releases, the best selling prog records were now by the bands that dominated the new FM format. In the UK progressive rock was frowned upon in the punk community.

But still even after the punk scene came and went, many of the artists were secretly fans of progressive rock music. John Lydon, the ex-singer of the Sex Pistols was a big fan of Jethro Tulls album “Aqualung” which included some songs that had anti-religious themes such as the song “My God”.
Anderson: “I didn’t know Johnny Rotten at the time but I did meet him further down the line. Well, many years later at an awards ceremony and he was really nice to me. We got on really well but what surprised me the most… no, what ‘shocked’ me was seeing him chatting away with Phil Collins. They were the best of buddies… fine but, well it didn’t seem right, somehow.”

Thick as a Brick meets Nevermind The b*****s. That’s one concept album that would be amazing to hear.

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