‘Heroes Of Lucha Libre’ On Sale Now

The biggest lucha libre show is coming to Ontario, California


The exciting and traditional sport of Mexican wrestling will be coming to Ontario, California with ‘Heroes of Lucha Libre’ at the Citizens Business Bank Arena on October 1st. The event will bring in iconic luchadors such as ‘Tinieblas Jr.’, ‘Mascara Sangrada’, and ‘Blue Demon Jr’. There will also be a special guest appearance from the legendary ‘Mil Mascaras’. Aside from the classic heroes, there will also be some new villains for the luchadors to fight against. Newcomer ‘El Trumposo’ with his sidekick ‘Russian Hacker’ are ready to ‘Make Lucha Libre Great Again’. This will be a grand lucha libre production with a wide range of activities that the whole family will enjoy. This will be a celebration of the wonderful Mexican tradition of Lucha Libre and the rich culture of Mexico.

Aside from the main event, there will also be a ‘Pura Lucha Taco Tailgate’ party outside the arena where there will be live music from the band ‘Mascara Norteña’ that begins at 11am and it is free to the public. Food and entertainment will be available all day plus you will have a chance to meet and take photos with the luchadors before the show.

Tickets for the event start at $18 and are available here: Tickets for Heroes of Lucha Libre

For more information and to get more updates, follow ‘Heroes of Lucha Libre’ and the Luchadors on Instagram:

Heroes of Lucha Libre: @HeroesOfLuchaLibre

Blue Demon Jr.: @BlueDemonJr

El Trumposo: @RealTrumposo

Mascara Nortena: @MascaraNortena

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