The Melvins & Spotlights @ The Echo 8/22/17

Photography by Anthony Mehlhaff

Opening for the band was ‘Spotlights’ which consists of bassist Sarah Quintero & guitarist Mario Quintero. The music was a mix of dreamy pop vocals and hard sludge rock. The music brings you in with its soft vocals and then unleashes hard riffs that pound your head. It’s definitely a good mix of styles that doesn’t bore you. It will keep you in a dream state for a couple bars until the hard guitar and bass kick into drive. During the end of the Melvins performance, the band joined them on stage to perform a couple of songs.

To purchase their latest album ‘Seismic’, visit their bandcamp:

It’s been quite the eventful week for the band. Fellow friend and musician Mike Patton, along with his band ‘Dead Cross’ was scheduled to perform alongside The Melvins on Wednesday at The Echo. Dead Cross, which features Mike Patton and Ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, were scheduled to perform Tuesday night at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles. Shortly before Dead Cross was to take the stage, Dave Lombardo went on stage to announce that Mike had been in an accident on his way to the show and he would not be able to perform. It was speculated that he might have been in a car accident but turns out that Mike wiped out on his skateboard on the way to perform.

Although not a majorly serious injury, the Dead Cross show was canceled and rescheduled over to Wednesday night. This meant that the proposed Melvins/Dead Cross event was canceled. Mike, Dave, & Buzz Osborne were all previously in the supergroup ‘Fantomas’. It definitely would have been a treat to see them reunited for The Echoplex show but perhaps the stars will align again in the future.


For more information on The Melvins & Spotlights, follow them on Facebook:

Facebook: @Spotlightsband @MelvinsArmy

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